Tuesday, August 31, 2010

granting requests. :)

so. because it's easy, and because she's cute (and because kaitie asked soo nicely ;D), here is josie. a little laid back in the sunshine. doing one of her favorite things. (that would be chewing.)

enjoy. :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

saying hi.

crazy photo by the lovely nala (back in june). edited by me.
Do you know one of my favorite things about my blog? I like that it's no pressure. I am not given - have not written for myself - a "blog syllabus" with posts due three times a week or certain topics required for thought. Everything is open to my whims (or you could say it's open to the Spirit's leading; that's my prayer). This concept has the great effect of making blogging enjoyable, but it also does something else: it makes my blogging more genuine. There's not much filler around here just for the sake of a post. I like that.

So...to jump right in where we left off. I'm home from Canada. And I've been getting back into the college routine for a week and a half. Do not say the words "senior year" to me. It's just too crazy.

I have some nuts and bolts I want to take care of here, both for my personal archives (that's another great blog thing) and because of others' known interests. This means a short picture journey through Canada and probably an inventory of some things I've been making this summer.

By that time, September will be here. I have something up my sleeve for that if I can work it around the contingencies of practicum, which also starts then. I'll keep you posted. (ahem. No pun intended.)

p.s. I just realized I've typed this whole post with capitol letters in their appropriate places. Without thinking about it. See? School really has started.

Monday, August 2, 2010

sauntering forth.

check in online: done.

luggage paid for: affirmative.

in-flight reading material procured: check.

luggage packed: yeah...working on that. :)

excitement brewed:  you bet.

blog readers informed: well, now they are.

. . . . . . . . . .

i'm going to canada for a bit, y'all. i may be around in the meantime, and i may not. i'm not making any promises but i thought i'd let you know. i might get the writing bug tonight and leave some scheduled posts for you. who knows.

batten the hatches and hold down the fort. i know you're up to it. ;)