Thursday, June 30, 2011

so. (day 9)

it may have been somewhat rash of me to begin these 30 days in the same week that i begin a new/first (real) job. on the other hand, it may have been rather opportune - to keep me emoting as life shifts so wildly. in the end, both are probably true.

if you end up getting scattered recaps of the randomness of my days in the next few weeks, i apologize in advance. i have a feeling that, until i get used to it, spending the day with 14 two-year-olds may leave very few brain cells for my blog.

all this is not to say that i don't love said two-year-olds. i do. even with the screaming, running, biting, crying, and heart was lost in 5 short hours today. hopelessly lost.

this is a good thing. if i didn't love the kids, i couldn't do this job. so...check. another box ticked on the plus side, along with many, many others. (did i mention cute scrubs? lol.)

and so it begins. the life of God's girl, at work. the life of a working girl.

hi. :) (sorry. just felt a need to introduce my very-same self. now i feel like flynn. :D)


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

things i've done on :: day 8

:: realized that i wrote yesterday's post, published it, and forgot to change the title to something more appropriate. (it reflects my initial attempt at subject matter. grant you, it still kind of fits. kind of.)

::traipsed around downtown - the sheriff's office, the courthouse...getting a background check and fingerprinted. yay. (actually, i really did enjoy it. it was fun to work the system and chat with nice workers.)

::filled out paperwork, signed forms, read handbooks.

what i will do tomorrow :: get my tb test site checked...get a some (cute! eep!) scrubs, and...go to orientation training.

what i might do on friday :: spend my first day at work and receive my first paycheck.

that is all. (not all i did today. just all. :D)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

day 7 :: a list of grateful

i'm holding on to promises tonight. He knows the (good! prosperous!) plans He has for me. He gives grace. He provides. He finishes what He begins. 

i am hopeful, with a quiet, trusting (somewhat struggling, yet very intentional) hope. it makes little sense in the face of the job position i officially received today (read: i got the job!), but does make sense in the face of some of the stipulations (read: 3 personal days total in the first year. which really bursts my rr bubble bursts my bubble). i prayed for peace, for wisdom earlier this week and it came...and now my job is to trust. i tell myself that He works all things together in His time, and that might mean rr after all and it might not. but it does mean that He is trustworthy. good. not safe, but good.

i rest in that tonight. (tomorrow, i may tell you about this thing called time and how after 15 years of school life that is neatly segmented into smallish chunks of weeks and months - each chunk with its nicely corresponding tasks and goals...and end dates - i realize that maybe life doesn't actually look that way? maybe it just stretches on nebulously with only self-studied guideposts for scenery. i may be wrong. just getting my bearings here. stay tuned.)

Monday, June 27, 2011

day 6 :: right now

 making...repurposed cloth napkins from a stained tablecloth. (love.)

waiting...still on that call from my interviewer of last week. she's a busy lady. no worries.

baking...cheddar herb biscuits to go with our (thai) dinner...because somehow i've seen the red lobster commercial quite frequently of late and every time my mouth waters. (mine were better though. promise.) of the verses i looked up this morning. (click to see.)

reading...the financial planning workbook. there's this weird thing where money numbers are less comforting than plain math numbers. (or maybe it's that money numbers are more stressful. something like that.)

checking...things off my list like the last of my graduation thank-yous and such. oh. also? i keep checking the mouse traps in my closet. and they are still empty. i know for a fact that there is still at least one more to be caught (after the two i slayed on saturday). come out, come out, wherever you are. watch lark rise to candleford with the family. g'night, all.

xo emily

Sunday, June 26, 2011

30 days of summer :: day 5

i knew coming into this week that i was entering what would be the trickiest time of the summer. the big things (vacation, counseling at string camp) would be over, the absence of another year of school awaiting me would start to sink in, and all that would be left was the who knows what. don't we all cling to the concrete, the thing we can hold under our finger?

i think the knowing it was coming helped. it helped to not be afraid. to say, God will be there, too. present. with me.

and He is. even though i have no clue how just the next 7 days will (could/might/should) look, not to mention the months following. i kind of like it that way. (ahem. you know, as much as i could possibly like not knowing.) i think that if i could see where i will be in three, five, seven months, it could be too much for me to handle.

that's why God made me a finite being, bound to time and space. because even if my body could handle stretching through those boundaries, my mind and my heart and my faith couldn't.

so here i am, present in the not-knowing, and alive to God here in this moment.

maybe He likes it that way too.

Friday, June 24, 2011

day 3 :: a linky love list

me in mom's mirror, pre-interview. grainy and over-edited, but it's worth it.
::because i'm feeling a little random today, and have little news other than that my interview went well and i will hear by monday's kind of not-in-my-city and keep praying, please? for that wisdom we talked about.

::also, i promise that most of these bullet points won't be comprised of fragments. hopefully.

::i made a slightly modified version of this salad to accompany tonight's dinner. and this was yesterday's lunch. i may be slightly smitten. (you have to follow the links to understand the completely un-intended pun. ahem.) mostly, though, i have the cooking-fresh-food-is-summer's-best-medicine bug.

::yes, indeed. my bookshelves are organized by color. thanks for noticing. totally makes me grin. :D

::sometimes, i wish you could double favorite pictures on flickr. (did i mention the fresh-food-summer bug?)

::my sister (hi, you!) brought this book home from the library and left it on my desk. oh my. there may be a summer quilting bug, as well. we shall see. there is that pile of blocks and strips sitting on my shelf...(and did you notice the bernina? happy graduation to myself from many people.)

::this is really fun, especially considering my word-of-the-year. it's like a clickable-"present"-fount-of-inspiration. (as with most such things, not all of them are true. just saying. enjoy the ones that are.)

::that is all.

(alternate post titles: test your color vision/where's the link? sorry.)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

30 days of summer :: day 2

i have a job interview tomorrow. funny story. (not really. but it will be, some day.)

i got the call last thursday while i was counseling at a Christian music camp. "can you come for an interview tomorrow?" the message said. i winced, called back. "i'm out of town until next wednesday, but i'd love to interview then."

this wednesday (yesterday), i called back again, wondering if the interview was still available. no, they said. the job had closed.

ok. so obviously that's not the job God wants me to have. i resign myself, pray for joy in waiting. contentment in not knowing.

this morning i wake up expecting more of the same. joy, contentment, waiting, not knowing. instead i get a call from the very same people. "are you still interested? will you come interview tomorrow?"

yeah. sure. except that now i'm confused. so...maybe this is the job for me?

we shall see. :) will you pray for guidance, wisdom, peace? thanks.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 days of summer :: day 1

it's time for a little blog reawakening. i'm not sure what i'll share (it's totally spontaneous), but i'm here for the next 30 days of summer. sound good?

a little of this and that can be refreshing sometimes, like when you mix fresh corn, red onion, bell pepper, ham, and cheese in an omelet. (i made this one about a month ago. with fresh orange juice. now it's making my mouth water all over again.)

i'll see you tomorrow. until then, tell me - what have you been up to?