Friday, June 24, 2011

day 3 :: a linky love list

me in mom's mirror, pre-interview. grainy and over-edited, but it's worth it.
::because i'm feeling a little random today, and have little news other than that my interview went well and i will hear by monday's kind of not-in-my-city and keep praying, please? for that wisdom we talked about.

::also, i promise that most of these bullet points won't be comprised of fragments. hopefully.

::i made a slightly modified version of this salad to accompany tonight's dinner. and this was yesterday's lunch. i may be slightly smitten. (you have to follow the links to understand the completely un-intended pun. ahem.) mostly, though, i have the cooking-fresh-food-is-summer's-best-medicine bug.

::yes, indeed. my bookshelves are organized by color. thanks for noticing. totally makes me grin. :D

::sometimes, i wish you could double favorite pictures on flickr. (did i mention the fresh-food-summer bug?)

::my sister (hi, you!) brought this book home from the library and left it on my desk. oh my. there may be a summer quilting bug, as well. we shall see. there is that pile of blocks and strips sitting on my shelf...(and did you notice the bernina? happy graduation to myself from many people.)

::this is really fun, especially considering my word-of-the-year. it's like a clickable-"present"-fount-of-inspiration. (as with most such things, not all of them are true. just saying. enjoy the ones that are.)

::that is all.

(alternate post titles: test your color vision/where's the link? sorry.)


  1. oh, i love you and your lists. you make me smile. and i totally missed the new bernina the first time. :)

    still praying with you, friend. xo

  2. I'm glad the interview went well! I'm praying for you! Also, you're beautiful! :-D