Wednesday, June 29, 2011

things i've done on :: day 8

:: realized that i wrote yesterday's post, published it, and forgot to change the title to something more appropriate. (it reflects my initial attempt at subject matter. grant you, it still kind of fits. kind of.)

::traipsed around downtown - the sheriff's office, the courthouse...getting a background check and fingerprinted. yay. (actually, i really did enjoy it. it was fun to work the system and chat with nice workers.)

::filled out paperwork, signed forms, read handbooks.

what i will do tomorrow :: get my tb test site checked...get a some (cute! eep!) scrubs, and...go to orientation training.

what i might do on friday :: spend my first day at work and receive my first paycheck.

that is all. (not all i did today. just all. :D)


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