Tuesday, June 28, 2011

day 7 :: a list of grateful

i'm holding on to promises tonight. He knows the (good! prosperous!) plans He has for me. He gives grace. He provides. He finishes what He begins. 

i am hopeful, with a quiet, trusting (somewhat struggling, yet very intentional) hope. it makes little sense in the face of the job position i officially received today (read: i got the job!), but does make sense in the face of some of the stipulations (read: 3 personal days total in the first year. which really bursts my rr bubble and...well...it bursts my bubble). i prayed for peace, for wisdom earlier this week and it came...and now my job is to trust. i tell myself that He works all things together in His time, and that might mean rr after all and it might not. but it does mean that He is trustworthy. good. not safe, but good.

i rest in that tonight. (tomorrow, i may tell you about this thing called time and how after 15 years of school life that is neatly segmented into smallish chunks of weeks and months - each chunk with its nicely corresponding tasks and goals...and end dates - i realize that maybe life doesn't actually look that way? maybe it just stretches on nebulously with only self-studied guideposts for scenery. i may be wrong. just getting my bearings here. stay tuned.)

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  1. I firmly believe that there is either a Lewis or Dickens quote for every situation : ).

    love you friend