Monday, June 27, 2011

day 6 :: right now

 making...repurposed cloth napkins from a stained tablecloth. (love.)

waiting...still on that call from my interviewer of last week. she's a busy lady. no worries.

baking...cheddar herb biscuits to go with our (thai) dinner...because somehow i've seen the red lobster commercial quite frequently of late and every time my mouth waters. (mine were better though. promise.) of the verses i looked up this morning. (click to see.)

reading...the financial planning workbook. there's this weird thing where money numbers are less comforting than plain math numbers. (or maybe it's that money numbers are more stressful. something like that.)

checking...things off my list like the last of my graduation thank-yous and such. oh. also? i keep checking the mouse traps in my closet. and they are still empty. i know for a fact that there is still at least one more to be caught (after the two i slayed on saturday). come out, come out, wherever you are. watch lark rise to candleford with the family. g'night, all.

xo emily


  1. Love Lark Rise, love, love, love. And is that a decorative stitch I see?!

  2. it is! semi-decorative at least, and very utilitarian. it did an amazing, effortless, and beautiful job of securing front + back of the binding tape at once. :) (#15, fyi, with the stitch length increased 3 knotches)