Saturday, March 20, 2010

picturing spring: 1st ed.

i have 738 pictures on my computer from the month of march alone. (we'll just sit with that fact for a second.) i have posted 19 of those pictures on flickr as part of my 365 project, plus exactly seven others that i shared here. there might be a few left over.

so when my brilliant friend (hi, annie!) happened to mention that if she had a blog she would be posting daily pictures of spring...well, i shamelessly stole the inspiration.

there you have it. we'll be picturing spring here for as long as it lasts! think of it as a celebration of new life.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

some of my faves.

this picture.

my spring hoodie. light cotton knit. sage, with a white and turquoise print.

my quilted laptop mat. a rainbow of color. (this is one of my all time faves. such a happy thing.)

my new discovery that you can layer photos on picnik. this means you can add texture to a photo. or a watermark. coolness.

speaking of picnics. they are my fave. (that's also one of my most-loved pics.)

wearing my camera around my neck. totally in love.

oh, and this new book i'm reading for school is pretty fascinating. (did you know that males and females use different centers of their brains when they navigate? hippocampus vs. cerebral cortex, respectively. see, i told you. fascinating.)

spring ranks pretty high, too. like, really high.

what are your faves?