Thursday, March 11, 2010

some of my faves.

this picture.

my spring hoodie. light cotton knit. sage, with a white and turquoise print.

my quilted laptop mat. a rainbow of color. (this is one of my all time faves. such a happy thing.)

my new discovery that you can layer photos on picnik. this means you can add texture to a photo. or a watermark. coolness.

speaking of picnics. they are my fave. (that's also one of my most-loved pics.)

wearing my camera around my neck. totally in love.

oh, and this new book i'm reading for school is pretty fascinating. (did you know that males and females use different centers of their brains when they navigate? hippocampus vs. cerebral cortex, respectively. see, i told you. fascinating.)

spring ranks pretty high, too. like, really high.

what are your faves?


  1. when someone else uses their (one of those big words) to navigate FOR me... :) haha maybe i'll add some more (realer) ones in the morning.

  2. mhmm...hitting "enter" on your computer to take you to some of your favorite websites...

    having a good cup of coffee...mhmm... :)

    walking into a family members house, and saying "hi!"...

    having one of your little cousins SO excitied to show you their toys that you have seen already...

    and laughing with your 2 little cousins while reading them a story... :)

  3. no, they are the grocery-store variety. :)

  4. ~ bethany dillon
    ~ singing
    ~the Chosen by Chaim Potok
    ~sleeping in
    ~making stuff
    ~ you!