Thursday, June 30, 2011

so. (day 9)

it may have been somewhat rash of me to begin these 30 days in the same week that i begin a new/first (real) job. on the other hand, it may have been rather opportune - to keep me emoting as life shifts so wildly. in the end, both are probably true.

if you end up getting scattered recaps of the randomness of my days in the next few weeks, i apologize in advance. i have a feeling that, until i get used to it, spending the day with 14 two-year-olds may leave very few brain cells for my blog.

all this is not to say that i don't love said two-year-olds. i do. even with the screaming, running, biting, crying, and heart was lost in 5 short hours today. hopelessly lost.

this is a good thing. if i didn't love the kids, i couldn't do this job. so...check. another box ticked on the plus side, along with many, many others. (did i mention cute scrubs? lol.)

and so it begins. the life of God's girl, at work. the life of a working girl.

hi. :) (sorry. just felt a need to introduce my very-same self. now i feel like flynn. :D)


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  1. no need to apologize. randomness and missing brain cells are all part of being real. :) i enjoy sharing your different bits no matter what form. i'm really proud of you! xoxo