Saturday, March 19, 2011


click this link, then click "tumblebooks" in the center of the page, then click the red "story books" bubble. you will get a whole list of books...choose the H-I page and scroll down to I Have to Go! and click the book cover to listen to one of my kindergarteners' favorite stories. and guess what my internal dialogue is now whenever i need to use the restroom. (sorry, i know that's a lot of directions but a direct link doesn't work.)

in lieu of a really high-tech dslr camera (which would cost 5 times as much), wouldn't this be a fun new toy? when i was little and on a camping trip with my family, i made friends with an older lady in the bathroom and she took my picture with a (real) polaroid camera. i remember holding the brown photo in my hands and seeing myself appear. the thought of instant prints holds amazing charm.

i'm finishing my resume today. applying to two of my top job picks in this coming week. sitting in a mock interview on tuesday (at college, part of my senior seminar). will you pray for blessing on my applications and that i will continue to trust? i know God has the perfect place for me.

that's my shopping buddy up there. last weekend i needed a whole outfit to wear for interviews (see above) and she and God helped it happen in one day. and it was fun. win-win. (thanks, kt!)

i'll think of more later, but that's all for now. love you guys.


  1. most definitely praying, friend. God is working all things out for good... love you!

  2. lol! that is awesome. :)

    my summer is looking pretty good (let's pray for a good weekend!)... we have plans of getting a puppy now... i'll keep you posted with the details. lol!!!

  3. i <3 being your shopping buddy. with God of course. : ) hehe

    and i am so laughing about the book.

    great job with your resume and job applications. you are going to do amazing for your mock interview. praying for all those pieces.

    love you back.