Tuesday, July 21, 2009

{five} happy things

breaking in {shoes}. shoes that were bought in the rainy spring and that gave me blisters the first and only time i wore them. since i want to be able to wear the to school - which means a lot of walking - i'm going to have to grow some strategically placed calluses. so i wore my happy shoes for thirty minutes this morning. and thirty minutes this evening.

finished {feathers}. and still a few more to play with. this card has been sitting on my bookshelf all day (i made it last night) and every time i look at it i can't help smiling.

perky recipe cards, the homey comfort of chopping veggies, and savory smells; all the things that made {cooking} happy. oh, and the blueberry cobbler was good, too.

believe it or not, the {organized mess} i have going on in my room right now is a good thing. i've been working hard the past two days to rearrange, declutter, and reorganize everything in my room (and some stuff from a few other places!). the thought of having all my books together, all like craft supplies together, and etc makes the current mess worthwhile. so even though i can only see about six square feet of my floor, i can live with that for a while. (i thought about not putting in a picture for this one, but figured you might not believe my description. and a picture is worth...well, you know. ;D)

a little after-dinner {wandering} outside. with my camera to help me see. the early twilight was so soft and beautiful. (oh, and look, this is cool. in the light, something that was dead - a rose - is made beautiful. if that's not a happy thought i don't know what is!)


  1. mm i like the idea of wandering with your camera to help you see...

  2. It's the little things in life... "count your blessings, name them one by one...." :)