Thursday, July 23, 2009

Works in Progress

The organizational action in my room is in full swing but since I am now done with *all* my various crafting supplies, I feel like I'm making some headway! Along the way I discovered a few projects I'd forgotten about, and now they are all collected in one place. My trusty pepsi crate, that contains all sorts of "works-in-progress." Here's what it's full of now! (In gray are my more current projects - ones I've been actively working on.)
  1. Fabric cut out to make wall pockets from Anna Maria Horner's book, Seams to Me.
  2. A lap sized sampler quilt is basted and folded, patiently waiting for quilting and binding.'s been waiting a while. Now that quilting a "full" sized quilt is much less daunting to me, I'm ready to take on this one.
  3. There's the shell and lining of a grab bag. They just have to be sewn together and pressed.
  4. I have a stack of denim squares cut and all ready to be zig-zagged together into a rough-and-tumble blanket.
  5. A knitted beanie hat. All this one needs is for the ends of yarn to be woven in and trimmed.
  6. A half-knit washcloth/dishrag.
  7. A knitted woolen coin purse, waiting to be felted and for the addition of a button.
  8. A knit lace scarf. Green and soft.
  9. An afghan, two-thirds of the way knit. Size Q needles and two strands of yarn - one soft minty green and one white. It will finish quickly.
  10. There's a single handwarmer waiting for the thumb to be added. And also for a mate.
  11. The brown sweater in my pepsi crate is technically finished (I've actually already worn it once), but silly-little-me wants to take out the edge of the cap sleeves one more time to make them a little tighter.
  12. My ten-year-in-the-making bear cross-stitch is almost finished. Only about a third of the backstitching is left. In the past three years I've reserved work on this project for during vacation, but part of me wants to finish it this year. Can't you just see me telling my kids (someday), "This is the cross-stitch mommy started when she was nine...and finished when she was nineteen!" lol. We'll see.
  13. Then there are two other cross-stitches. The humming birds and hibiscus are well under way, but last I remember were in kind of a pickle. We'll have to see where they stand.
  14. The garden basket quilt sampler cross-stitch is barely started. I may decide that I'm not interested enough in the finished product of this one and just let it go. But I haven't given up on it yet!
  15. There is the cover of a handmade notebook (from Decorative Journals by Donna Downey), waiting for a lining and a clip full of notepaper.
  16. I have a little tiny leatherbound sketchbook filled with notes and pictures from our most recent vacation. But there are still a few photos that need to be glued into the pages.
  17. And...last of all, there's the tatted doily that has three complete rounds but is lacking another three.
I love having everything I've started all together. Out in the open. I'm quite inspired (at least at the moment - I love writing lists!) to finish up a lot of the little odds and ends. And to be more systematic about finishing the bigger projects. I think my favorite part, though, is that there's no pressure. Just a whole box full of beautiful things to do - and I can choose whatever I like!

So...I'm off to finish a dishcloth while I read.

***Edited to Add***

I figured with all this talk of unfinished business you might like to see something I *have* completed (actually the day after I talked about it last week). So, behold, the cathedral window pillow. It makes my bed a happy place. :)

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  1. yes, what a happy box. :)
    Thanks for the pillow pic!