Friday, September 11, 2009

happy::five (more) things

}sunshine. i'm sitting in the living room which is filled with sunlight during autumn and winter afternoons. the sun has been making that shift, and i'm soaking it up. (oooh, and clouds are pretty amazing, too. i love studying them over the wide fields on my long drives to and from school. they are so cool. and that definitely includes the light, wispy morning clouds that light up with the sunrise while i take my bright-and-early run.)

}smiles. and lots of great, heartwarming, and sometimes hilarious quotes on the subject. go read them - you can't help but smile when you do. (imagine that! *grin*)

}popcorn. i'm just saying. it's the perfect snack. given the fact that i decided just a minute ago i was going to get myself some popcorn to snack on, i have no idea why i'm still sitting here writing. (ok. i have a few ideas. #1, the fact that i prefer to finish one thing before beginning another whenever possible, #2 the fact that my urge for a snack really hasn't overcome my avoidance of getting up yet, and #3 the fact that i'm just sort of in a mood to write! see, just a few reasons...)

}ok...number that i have my popcorn! (yes, i did voluntarily stop in the middle of something; yes, i did get up from the delightfully comfy spot on the couch; and, "writing mood" is still alive and well. but we were here to talk about #4. not some random ramble.) humor makes me happy. maybe that's why writing this has plastered a grin on my face. i sincerely doubt it will have that affect on many other people, but i find myself mightily amusing at the moment! and to (truly) amuse me is to make me happy. i just can't be down when i'm having a real laugh at something honest and hearty. (can you?!)

}i could say chilling a bit at the "end" of the day (which is what this is - friday is the shortest day of my week!), or i could say being done with this week of school (in saying that i would aviod mentioning the studying that needs to be done to prepare for next week of school), OR, i could say something extremely odd like "parenthetical remarks" (which i tend to use liberally in my writing when i am "happy" [although maybe a better word would be borderline-hyper?!] - as evidenced by the number of parenthetical remarks used in this post!). i think i'll just let you take your pick between those three for the last happy thing.

now, if you look closely, i've really talked about 9 happy things here. and the discrepancy between that fact and the title of this post might cause one to infer that i *ahem* can't count. you can believe what you like on that front, but let's just say that "five" sounds better in a title than "nine." and besides, i wanted to make sure you were really listening. ;)

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  1. you're too good at math (and science!:) for me to think you can't count. ahem.

    yeah, popcorn's yummy, but right now these are my fav: