Thursday, January 13, 2011

the art.

a few days ago i sat in front of a fire and did art with a friend and i realized...i have come to express myself freely this way. i have gotten past doing it the "right" way and making it look the way even i expect it to, and it flows now as a natural extension of me into acrylic or watercolor or fabric or even cut paper snowflakes or medallions. when i sanded a piece of scrap wood from the garage smooth a few weeks ago and added a yellow background and the abstract that grew from my vision of a bouquet of ranunculus, twisted in an eyelet and hung it on my wall all in about thirty minutes...and then stood back and just grinned at it foolishly...well, i knew i was in love.

the art is pieces of me.


  1. thanks for bringing it back for me friend.

    i love you.

    your art makes me smile. : )

  2. the art friend, is beautiful. period. :)))