Friday, January 28, 2011

just a little story.

it happened today. i went out into the world...met dozens of people, some of them actually grown...i was held all day in the bosom of a completely unfamiliar situation...and yet it felt almost as natural as breathing.

i keep catching myself releasing these great breaths of relief. after a school year that has seemed just so hard, this day makes me want to grin.

there's not any one amazing piece. (except God.)

after lunch, when i'd been watching for a few hours and started interacting more with the class, those kindergarteners got all wide-eyed. "how do you know my name?" i heard over and over. ummm...because i listen and watch and remember. and because each of the twenty is so unique and (something i never could truly say even at the end of my experience in preschool) completely captivating to me.

but i just told the kids, with a teasing little look, "because i'm smart." you know, building a reputation.

so there are the kids, and the fact that i really do totally love them after being so taken aback in preschool. and there is the school community. and there is God, with me.

too bad i have to wait two and a half weeks to go back? (not really. i have to do a lot of other classwork before then. but oh, does this add some positive incentive.)


  1. ooh, i'm so happy with you! that's AWESOME. :) i like the smart line. only, i'd say you're brilliant. :p

  2. yay! so happy and excited for you! you. are. not. alone. ever. and building a reputation. you make me smile. ;) xo