Friday, April 29, 2011

it's odd having my "spring break" two weeks before the end of the semester instead of in the middle. because i've been working in the county school system to complete my student teaching, i take my break with them rather than with my college. that means now. this week that has flown past.

next week will fly, too, and then i will be done - left to wait seven more days until the ceremony when it will be official.

it's all a blur. (ok, the assignments that i've been plowing through this week and the lists of things to turn in for my teaching license and the folders holding my job applications? not so much a blur. more like a nice looong flight of stairs for me to climb. in a blur.)

i'm marking this time. it's here. i've been sitting so long in the "almost there," the "the end is in sight," and the "just do the next thing and don't worry about all the dozens of things that come after that." and now. now there are only about three things.

in about two weeks i will leave for vacation after walking across that stage, and i will blissfully forget all this work and the lists and...everything, and so i am marking it now.

i am so close i can smell it. and that's amazing, if a little blurry.

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  1. you truly are almost there, i feel your excitement, and i'm so oober happy for you....*hugs*... just because you deserve them. :)