Thursday, April 7, 2011

a story of indeterminate conclusion.

two weeks (and two days) ago, i delivered my first job application to a major Christian school in town. yes, it's that time peeps - five weeks until graduation. it's craziness.

anyway. the school i applied to last week wasn't one i had originally researched and planned as an option. it was a spontaneous thing. i heard about an opening for a prek teacher, and i figured it was well worth a try.

it felt like a God thing. so outside of my plans, my view.

exactly two weeks ago, i got called by the school principal to schedule an interview. that interview was today. that interview went seamlessly.

basically, i am their top pick for the job, but they can't give it to me until enough children are enrolled for next year. (that enrollment is pretty much just a matter of time.)

so, i kind of sort of have a job for next year. the thing is...the salary really stinks. it's just short of what would be enough for me to stretch into an independent lifestyle. (also known as: i couldn't rent an apartment on this salary. it's just not that feasible - at least not without strings attached.)

and so i chuckle at God because He's so unpredictable, and i breathe some deep breaths and consider changing my picture of what next year looks like, and i leave myself open to the possibilities. i don't know what will happen yet - if i'll take this "job-to-be" or compare it to others or what.

but i'm trusting. that counts for something. He gives the desires of my heart, even when He has to give me the desire before He can fulfill it.

that's my story for tonight. to definitely be continued. (and to all you who prayed for the interview - many thanks. :) and much love.)


  1. Honey Bunny,
    I am praying. You are so precious, as you continue to trust in our loving God-He will show you His will.
    I love you and am so proud of you.
    Aunt Sudy

  2. i love you. thanks for sharing. praying. xoxo

  3. still praying. I love you. excited to hear what the Lord is doing and what He is continuing to do as you trust in Him and follow His lead. xoxo