Thursday, August 4, 2011

30 days of summer :: day 17

i planned a post sharing random pictures (where i've been, what i've been making, what the beagle pup looks like now, etc) combined with these links. a kind of lighter post for a change.

except that i'm driving to the beach with my brother and sister for the afternoon (in about an hour. not now.), and the pictures aren't really going to make it. instead, enjoy these links (which have been taking up tab space in my browser for much too long).


}first up, a post by emily at chatting at the sky about august and transition. quite fitting.

}scroll down in this post (by kelly sauer) to find the quote from c.s. lewis's perelandra. (it's in the second gray text box.) i felt this way the day i went in to formally resign and work my last day. i'm praying that this seeming impossibility of finding a new dream/job goes the same way. (also: it makes me want to read the space trilogy!)

}this poem. just go. read it. then read it again. (on contentment/grace.)

}finally, a post/article detailing several myths about introverts. awesomeness. of greatest personal interest: the information on neurological differences between introverts and extroverts (in the introduction), and myths #2 and #3. of greatest personal disagreement: myth #9 claims that introverts are not thrill seekers. i protest that there must be exceptions to that rule. in any case, whether you are an introvert or no, enjoy. :)


  1. You've never read the Space Trilogy?! It's so awesome, you have to read it!

  2. oh, yes. the introvert article was pure awesomeness. i also liked myth #1 particularly because i tell people this all the time. i agree that there must be exceptions to #9. i just seek things that extroverts may not find thrilling. :)

    the contentment poem was great, too. :)

    i haven't even heard of the space trilogy. hmmm...