Saturday, October 1, 2011

just for fun.

today i toyed with the idea of posting every day in october (for 31 days). then i wondered, why not post just to post? i haven't done that in a while.

so here i am. things going on here right now:

::amazing fall weather in the 60's...that's a good twenty degrees below where our thermometer has been the past few weeks. gorgeousness.

::finishing up some personal projects and brainstorming (and beginning to create) a stock for etsy...and loving the three huge spools of cotton thread sitting on my desk in apricot, white, and antique.

::i made pumpkin bars yesterday. yum. (i doubled the icing. very-much recommended.)

::a(nother) job interview which threw an unexpected kink in the middle of my week. apparently God isn't done teaching me about depending on Him. as if He ever will. heh. (thank goodness?)

::i hooped today for the first time in about a month. that combined with the weather was a wicked tonic. (i.e. very good.) and i got to use my new hoop, which is a featherweight (and small - 24") compared to my first (that link isn't to my exact hoop, which has now sold out. but it's the same size/weight). talk about a learning curve. talk about fun. :)

::i'm off to iron freshly pre-washed fabric.

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