Thursday, September 22, 2011

::summer recap::

in the past few months, i...

::celebrated the fourth of july (1&2)...and labor day. (3)
::also celebrated three birthdays (julie, 4; caroline, 5; and kat! 21. umm...the numbers are their pictures, not their ages. :D)
::kind of didn't have a hurricane irene. (6)
::drank lots and lots of tea in september. (7)
::had some job interviews...and some jobs! (8)
::made art. (9, 10, and 11)
::went to the beach. several times! this was one of the highlights. i fell in love with the beach in summer - i haven't been in this season for years. (12 and 13)
::spent some time with miss josie. actually, she's at my feet right now. (14)
::took instax photos! must continue this. it's worth it. (15)
::spent time with a certain almost-two-year-old who always makes my day. (16)
::loved the kitchen. i made more than apple cake and ice cream (ice cream!) but this is what figures in the pictures. (17 and 18)
::hooped. a lot. except for this past month. i really miss it. (19)
::made things like cool pillows and repurposed cloth napkins and a quilt top (to be quilted in autumn). with a new sewing machine. made other things, too. (20 and 21)
::watched soul surfer. prepared to dislike. oh my. i was wrong. (not pictured.)
::read this book, which i've mentioned before but is worth mentioning again. (also not pictured.)
::and tonight, sent my parents off to the big city (or one of them near us, anyway) to be there when my brother gets married tomorrow. yes! you read that correctly. just thought i might mention it. ;) i'm so excited for them, and i get to be there for the bigger, traditional celebration in january.

those are some highlights of my summer. what are yours? xo.

(p.s. click to see the picture bigger if you like. :D)


  1. Well one of them was "After a much-too-long hiatus God blessed us with a new really good piano teacher for our kids!"

  2. i <3 this post. great pictures. : )

    happy end of summer. hello autumn.