Monday, September 19, 2011

today. (summer, day 27)

so, today i accepted an amazing job offer.

and i'm dreaming up things to do on the side.

tell me - you who know me or read this blog and see the things i do - which of those things do you think would best go in a small online shop (i.e. an etsy shop)? you can suggest general skills (i.e. sewing/knitting/art/photography) or a specific project from the archives. or something completely new. just to give me a feel of what you like or would like or think i'm good at. just to help my brainstorm along. just because i'm curious. (click the relevant labels at the bottom of the post for ideas.)

thanks and xo.


  1. I like everything you make.
    The hair things are cool.
    Your quilting is fab.
    i like you.

  2. i love the paper banners. and the little button embellishments. and the feathers you made...and the cards. but i do like it all...i just think the paper things are super cute. and that is my official, very articulated position. lol.