Thursday, September 8, 2011

day 22 :: a little linky love.

or, (somewhat insignificant) pieces of my life right now. and various other captivating things from around the web.

::i got a fig & plum jelly roll for Christmas a few years ago (that's fabric, btw), which has been sitting on my shelf about a third of the way sewn into quilt blocks. this afternoon i put my sewing machine on my desk and whipped those strips into the rest of the blocks. see example above. :) my mom pointed out that the colors are somewhat autumnal, which is quite satisfactory considering the current seasonal shift.

::do-it-myself artwork for if i ever have my own kitchen (using spraypaint and thrifted silverware). probably with some color mixed in, though.

::i'm reading this book, and kind of making it a personal mission to spread it around. the relevance to my/our particular bubble of Christian culture and my own life and lessons in Christ over the past few years is quite refreshing. (in other words, "yes! someone finally put this into words for me so that i can actually hand it to a friend!")

::you know the multitudinous paper garlands that have been all the rage in the crafty internet spheres? (maybe you don't. it's ok.) i thought i was over them. then i saw this. must. make. my. own.

::finally, and close-to-most-importantly, you must go watch this cute video. i'm serious. three minutes is worth a grin. ("and i say, 'compared to what?'")



  1. ah. love it. "for adventure i go hang gliding on a dorito." love. it. :)

  2. thank you SOOO much for sharing that book E, you have no idea i've been looking for something like that. :)

    btw... oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!! i LOVE that quilt!!! seriously beautiful. :)))