Saturday, September 3, 2011

summer, day 20 :: things you might like to know

or, things on my list to tell you.

number one: i started another project 365. you know, that photography thing where i post a picture every day for a year. i didn't even wait for a logical date to start (and subsequently end). i just did. it's over here. (and a new button for the sidebar is in the works, should you want to find it again later.)

number two: swagbucks. remember i said i got this book for free? it's because of this bandwagon that i finally hopped onto (very late in the game). but if you're behind the ball like me, maybe you haven't heard of them yet. so check it out. basically you get "swagbucks" for using their search engine and doing other optional things like polls, and you can redeem the bucks for things like amazon gift cards. (that's what i do. for me, it tallies up to about five minutes a day earning bucks and about $10 in amazon gift cards a month. but if you sign up after clicking one of my links, i get more. just telling you like it is. honesty pays, they say. ahem.)

number three: it seems there are only about nineteen days left of summer. i have ten more days to post in order to fulfill the "30 days of summer" scheme. i suppose things need to pick up a little bit here. :) see you soon!

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