Wednesday, September 14, 2011

summer 24 :: in the making.

 i thought i'd catalog a few of the side projects i've got going (side referring to the odd jobs i'm working). you've already seen this quilt in the block stage, but now the quilt top is done. i need to get some backing fabric and then it will be on to layering, basting, and quilting.

 i whipped this up yesterday afternoon. yes, i've already shared the inspiration for this, too. the colors were based on these.

lastly, a painting in progress. i've never done anything like this, and i'm kind of winging it. just the sky is left (it will go on top of that purple underpainting at the top). this project inspired by a friend's painting (hi kat!) and loosely interpreted from this photo.

**edited to add**
i made this necklace this afternoon following my trip to the craft shop. two strings of beads, a pack of jump rings, a coil of 20 gauge colored copper wire, and two yards of fabric for $14 (instead of $32). i now have supplies for several more enterprises in jewelry making.

have i ever mentioned that i'm somewhat of a jill-of-all-trades?

what are you making? it doesn't have to be crafty. (i.e. you could be making new friendships, or strides toward a goal, etc.) :) please share.


  1. love, love, love and LOVE. i like your crafty-ness. the painting is amazing. it's turned out so beautifully. your new necklace is very happy. : ) and the quilt!! *grin*

    i've been making new folders for documents on my computer. and making notes in school books with great black pens.

    but there is a fun art project i want to work on this weekend if i have time. xoxo

  2. wow. all so gorgeous. i've been working on making a book. :) i've been making a lot of poetry, and a lot of music, and a lot of prayers. and today i made some cool pictures. maybe i'll post some of these makings tomorrow. i really liked this post. :)