Wednesday, September 21, 2011

on the 29th blog day of summer...

...a few of my favorite fall things. (i know. two days early. so sue me. i've been holding off on this forEVER.)

  1. scarves. this is actually slightly amusing to me. i love to wear scarves, mix them into my outfits, dress up shirts, etc. this is one of my favorites (in the dusk color. the only one i have. i'm thinking maybe a new one this year?). thing is, every year by the time spring rolls around, i am sick. and. tired. of the things, and i swear off scarves. then autumn hints around 7 months later (so, we have  a long summer down here in the south) and i glance at those scarves and think why not and here i am in love again. scarves are a deliciously seasonal relationship for me and i love that. 
  2. i actually don't have any other fall things i'd planned to talk about. mostly i wanted to tell you about scarves. maybe we'll just leave it at that? (i mean, obviously i like the cooler weather, and the rainy days, and clogs, and warm drinks, etc. but that's obvious. not whimsical like the dynamics between me and scarves.)
what are your favorite fall things? xo and see you tomorrow for the last day of summer. and for once, the blog day and the seasonal day will actually line up. last one. 

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