Monday, April 19, 2010

kid's songs, buttercups, and blog make-overs.

you know the song teddy bear's picnic? (it's one of my grandmom's signature songs.) i must say that i can not help grinning now that i'm sitting here listening to it.

but back to my point. "if you come out to my blog today, you're in for a big surprise." the key word here is "big," because i did all sorts of crazy things with html code and the result is that my blog columns are wider. (see these instructions, which i used selectively.) mainly, this is important because it means bigger pictures.

it also means that emily may write a post about nothing just to express how tickled she is with it all, adding a completely unrelated photo solely to prove her point. what can i say...if you are reading this, you must love me. :)


  1. Dear Emily,
    I am reading this. I love you , love the new big picture too! But I am so sorry to tell you - I don't think it is a buttercup.

  2. yes, you are right. i figured that but i thought i'd keep pretending it was one. "buttercup" sounds so much better than "yellow weed."

  3. Love the new look, and the psuedo or intended "buttercup" is beautiful... ;)