Saturday, April 17, 2010

::news flash::

there is, apparently, a lizard loose in my room.

a member of my household witnessed this lil' guy's disappearance underneath my bed and had the notion that i should find him (in order to make my room, and thus the house, lizard-less).

i have a twin bed. and i utilize every cubic inch underneath. pulling it all out...well, it's not something i do too often.

seven (large) containers and a few random baskets later, the space is empty. completely empty.

no lizard.

i guess this guy has mad skills pertaining to invisibility. because he has yet to be found - which is why there is, apparently, a lizard loose in my room.

i thought you all should know.


  1. lol, lol...oh my word that was hysterical!!!! that "member of your family" i think needs to sit up tonight with a flashlight in your room and investigate.

    (and, may i add you are quite brave for going under there, i know my family would be listening for my scream to see if the lizard was there.)

    keep us posted!

  2. lol, kaitie. you have me grinning, too.

    (and no worries. catching lizards was one of my favorite childhood pastimes.)

    the "lizard" was, in actually, a skink. much faster (i.e. harder to catch). i know this because a member of my household came across said skink on the stairs after dinner.

    he was duly corralled into a dustpan and ushered outside with the utmost abscense of ceremony.

    thus ends the saga of the (non-lizard) skink. :D

  3. excuse me: i meant to say "in *actuality*.

  4. alas, no dramatic music,no moment of silence... such is life. ;) lol!

  5. btw, did you change you blog font? i really like it!

  6. i didn't change the fonts. :) but i did change things! i'm working on a post about it ('cause i really like it, too).