Saturday, April 10, 2010


i'm supposed to be writing a paper, but i would much rather scribe a spring/summer manifesto. these days have me dreaming...of:

}eating watermelon.
}going barefoot.
}waking up to the summer sunshine streaming through my window (the equinoctial shift makes a huge difference in my bedroom).
}cooking potato salad. (lots.)
}working up some good sweats.
}running outside again without freezing my lungs.
}wearing flip-flops and anklets and snazzy toenails...
}and breezy skirts.
}putting my (now long!) hair up.
}being outside. a lot.
}soaking in the sunshine.
}water in general.
}like the lake. and tubing. and wind in my hair and the sun-water-tired-and-good feeling after a day of it.
}favorite summer meals. like: dilled chicken (pasta) salad. and hamburgers. basil pesto.
}driving with the windows open.
}walks in the woods.
}picnics. (with above food, of course.)
}day trips to the beach.
}longer trips. to favorite places, or to favorite friends (and sometimes, both.)
}ice cream. or snow cones.
}ooh...root beer floats.
}putt-putt. (my brother would laugh that i'm actually looking forward to it this year.)
}i could go on. but i think you get the idea. :) i have no plans to waste one bit of these spring and summer days. come dream with me.


  1. Yay for Summer! We're planning a day trip to the beach sometime soon. I'm looking forward to it!

  2. ooooh... I'm drooling (Did you mention dripping chocolate ice cream in waffle cones? Oh, and summer camp?) And hey! dreaming is *my* word. jk. You can use it, I suppose. It is a rather lovely word, don't you think? :)

  3. summer camp counts as a trip to favorite places with favorite friends. :)

    and i *better* be allowed to dream!! (because it is a lovely word.) consider it inspiration. ;)

  4. not only do i love those things that you chose, but just saying "summertime" is fun because of all the things attached to it... "summertime", "summertime"... :)