Friday, July 2, 2010


sometimes i feel sorry for you poor people who read my blog. do you ever come here and have to blink a few times? and then i can just imagine an eye-roll. "ooh. she got that urge again. when i finally got used to the old look."

yeah. i did. and you should know that i am just as bad with the furniture. every day is an adventure!

so help me out: i want to know if you can see the whole page of my blog in your browser window (when the window is fully maximized, of course). most specifically, is there a slider bar at the bottom of your window when you come to my blog? thank you. :)

i may post again a little later if i'm not too tired of the computer screen. i have pictures that have been burning a hole in my files for...weeks. stay tuned.


  1. nope, everything looks a-okay on whatever computer i use.

    loving the new look, you did a great job! :)

  2. oh, good! many thanks, kaitie. :)

  3. what, the fact that my blog is forever transient?