Wednesday, July 28, 2010

an illustration.

you know how we get these pictures of things we want? we draw them out in full color: this will be like so, and this part here like so. we get it all placed and framed to perfection. we do that.

then God comes along. He brings His perfect plans for us.

only problem is, they don't look exactly like our perfect plans for us. so He starts cutting, molding, tweaking. sometimes completely transforming.

we like this process more or (often) less. we don't see the end He works towards. all we see is our picture being ruined.

but sometimes, often, the ending leaves us breathless.
you never know what analogies i will draw when editing photos. i took the top photo thinking i wanted the "big picture" of both the focused petals and blurred buds. i got to the drawing (editing) board and saw something better. as i scrapped over half my photo to capture what was most beautiful, i thought about the dreams we bring to God for fulfillment...and how He surprises us every time. i'm glad He does. we'd miss out on a lot.


  1. You are so right, Emily!
    I had no idea what you had in mind when you shot pics of my begonia this morning. The photos are so pretty and the thoughts are utterly beautiful.

  2. just read a quote from Chambers (oddly enough on Twitter!) that completely coincided with what you were saying:

    "We should never have the thought that our dreams of success are God’s purpose for us." ~Oswald Chambers

    we have to be willing to be re-worked and re-worked as Christians. i am so glad that He is loving enough to do what He knows has to be done in us, and, not only that, but that He has the patience to do the work too instead of leaving us where we are....we have a good God! :)

    great post. :)

  3. p.s., you can use my begonias anytime you'd like... ;)

  4. Hey Emily, just wanted to say that your photos are beautiful, God has given you an amazing gift and I hope you will continue to develop and use it to his glory! SDG!