Thursday, July 14, 2011

30 days of summer :: day 13


my brother was sick last weekend. how is it that sharing works with things you don't want, too? i've spent this week with a teasing sore throat...holding off the rest of the symptoms (hopefully, 1 day to go) until the weekend. thank God for immune systems. literally.

do you know what cliffsnotes are? (google it.)

tomorrow is water day at child care. that means we get to change a dozen or so two-year-olds into water clothes, then play in sprinklers and waterfalls and sprayers for an hour...and then change them back (imagine the soaking clothes and bodies). i have a feeling that hour of bliss will be worth it. so much fun.

do you know what a positive mental attitude is? (yeah. don't google that. i just did and it's not exactly what i was going for. how about..."count it all joy?" except that's out of context. anyway...)

tomorrow is also pay day. my first full paycheck. cha-ching. it's not all about the money, but a salary is a wonderful thing. responsibility = rewarding. finally.

today i made my classroom prettier. paper chains, child's artwork, and pictures from the zoo, anyone? it beats blank yellow walls in my opinion. maybe sometime when i've settled in even more and the kids aren't in the room and the light is good (and, and, and), i'll take pictures. that would be fun.

yep. this is my life, or at least what comes to mind at the end of a day. more cohesive thoughts later.

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