Monday, July 18, 2011

day 14 :: 30 days of summer

have i mentioned God's sense of humor before?


so today, two weeks into my new child care job and loving it (yes i know. loving it. and settled. and thinking - wow. this is going to be my life! after only two weeks. and trying not to disbelieve how amazing it all is but continually gaping at God's uncanny work.) ...i found a message on my phone on the drive home.

"hi. this is [so and so] from [such and such] child care. i'm calling to schedule a meeting for an interview, we'd really appreciate it if you would get back to us if you are interested."

[such and such] child care just happens to be the one that was my number-one-pick job when i was sending in applications. the dream one.

now i'm settled in my new dream job. (except that it's a 35 minute drive out-of-town. and they don't have a group health care plan. and there is very limited personal/vacation time. but otherwise? i like the people. like the kids. like the child care center. almost everything seems a plus. also. did i mention i kind of like it?)

so i'm back to the drawing board with God. stretched in my mind between loyalty to a center where i've worked for two weeks and who would be thrown into a lurch should i leave...and an idea of maybe an even more perfect opportunity. feeling potentially crazy either way.

all i can think is have Thy own way, God. i'm along for the ride.

fasten your seat belts. re-entering a little bit of limbo here, even if it is primarily consisting of mental acrobatics.

on the other hand, this looks fun.

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  1. wow e... you are so popular! : ) praying for wisdom and peace.