Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cut and paste

i remember loving paper dolls as a young(er) girl. i loved cutting out each accessory - that was my favorite part. i was ever so jealous of the job of guiding the scissors around each dress, each ruffle, each ribbon.

after all the outfits were cut out, i contented myself with dressing the paper dolls systematically in each of them. i would admire all the pretties even more because some part of their creation had been my handiwork.

now, i'm a not-so-little girl. and yet today i still found myself smiling as i picked out papers to make outfits for this furry pair. and i still find myself immensely pleased with a well dressed paper doll.

i guess some things never change. *smile*


  1. I never knew you liked the accessories best, Emily! But I"m not at all surprised. The bears are adorable.

  2. Some things never change... that's comforting!
    Yes, they are really cute. Were they for a card?

  3. p.s. Emily, I forgot - you'll think this is funny. I never liked the cutting-out part (once I got to the middle) - I just wanted to *play* with the dolls. I'm still learning that the journey is half the fun. I like how you get that. :)