Friday, August 7, 2009

{her} room...a tour in the third person

Oh, look - the door is open! Do you think that's an invitation? I do. *smile* Let's go explore. But first, wait! Is that a new desk chair? It looks comfy (and good for the back), don't you think? I do, too.

Hmmm. The shelves are a bit bare. But maybe they're waiting for things like yummy bags of snacks she can grab on her way to school...and stacks of library books. Don't you love how the light floods her desk? It makes me want to sit down and find something to study, it's so inviting. You should see the drawers, all organized and full of everything she needs (including new pens - always a necessity!).

Look, she's going to tell us about one of her favorite parts: it's that caddy right by her bed. It's full of nice, settling things...her current book, Bible, hand lotion, knitting. All ready to go.

Oh, there's the other corner. A comfy place to read. Somehow that back wall doesn't seem so dark without her desk there. And now there's a long, wide space in front of the door where she can stretch (see the mat all ready to spread out?).

It looks like she sorted the books on her shelf and rearranged them - I bet she found some treasures doing that! And I know those bags and jackets have been hanging there for a while, but look how she went out of her way to include them in a picture. I think that means she likes them. *grin*

I think her room is ready for whatever comes in the next couple months. It will house her studies, her rest, her joys, and her struggles. It will let in the sunshine to wake her each morning. It's order (all those neat under-the-bed craft stashes) will make her smile. It will do. It will do quite well.


  1. Ooh, it's beautiful. I'm so glad to get to see it after all that work. :)

  2. It looks quite cozy that way!