Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two Things {Happy}

}I went to Barnes & Noble today and bought myself a journal. I went for a ACT study book for my brother. I didn't go for a journal. And although I'd just been thinking about the act of conscious journalism, a book to physically write in (with pen and ink) was honestly the last thing on my mind. But there they were. The journals. And somehow, even though I've been recording my thoughts on an online journal for nine months now, they enticed me. I wanted to write on paper again, even though there were times before when that just didn't work for me. So I bought it. My "book" journal. (Which is different from my "blog" journal.) And I brought it home. And I wrote in it. And then it inspired me to write here.
And, it feels good. Like something that I thought I had lost (and had let go, and not struggled to get back), but now it's found again. It's a gift. Something I'm thanking God for.

}This is what I enjoyed last night. A comfy spot, a spellbinding book, a settling project, and yummy food. (Really, the reason I made this post about "happy things" was because I love this picture and wanted to share. :) Otherwise I would have just talked about my journal! But every time I see this I smile, and I wanted to try and share that smile with you. *hugs*)

That's my bit of {happy} for today! Now you go find your something happy. :)


  1. Good for you, I hope journaling in a physical book will be a positive thing for you again.

  2. That is a smiley post! I love the 2nd picture, too.
    :) have fun recording your story.