Tuesday, February 2, 2010

because i love lists, no. 4

or, soothing sounds.
  1. the adagio sostenuto from beethoven's moonlight sonata playing on pandora while i study.
  2. the swishing squeak that stitches make when knit.
  3. tiny crackling noises from a glowing candle.
  4. the welcome approach of familiar footsteps.
  5. the metallic crunching sound the "enter" key makes as it depresses to save a school assignment - one which is now finished.
what would you add?


  1. 6. skype beep as a new IM comes in
    7. baby squeaks

  2. 8. deep breathing of a baby's sleep
    9. a bite of warm brownie

  3. 10. the crunch of walking on freshly fallen snow
    11. taking a cookie out of an entirely too full cookie jar... ;)