Wednesday, February 3, 2010

because i love lists, no. 5

or, the treasures my camera captured today.
1. my *blissful* breakfast. seriously, i have never cooked an omelet so perfect. butter and onions and spinach and black olives, oh my. such goodness. cooked every bit of the way through but not overdone on the outside. (and that, my friends, is success.)
2. ummm...where did it go?!
3. yesterday found me hammering away at my walls - and doing some over-the-top things with a level and super-duper-wall-rub-ons. i am in love with the results. completely. i walk into my room and swoon...and spend my time building castles in the sky for the continuation of my "art wall." (see, i told you i was hopelessly in love. ahem.) i can't wait to frame a few pieces that are already complete. {you can compare this photo to the blank wall pictured in image #3 of this post. see the difference? drastic, i tell you.}

are you tired of lists yet?

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  1. oh, and i forgot to mention: *cheese.* lots of cheese.