Friday, May 7, 2010

a few odds and an end.

i made a pillow one night a few weeks ago. i kinda fell in love with that piping, and the bright button-up back, and the iridescent green stitching on black. so i took a picture before i gave it away.

also, pop tarts. friends, you will not regret making these. i baked four (out of my batch of ten) and froze the others in waxed paper; nothing is better than popping one in the oven for breakfast. forget toasters! [disclaimer: you should know that i do not say these things lightly. i know my brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts, and will probably still enjoy them on occasion. there is, however, absolutely no comparison.]

in other news, school has come to an end (as of yesterday, when i turned in my last projects). since i seem to have become addicted to deadlines, it may take me a while to adjust to the lack-of-pressure. i may decide on some crazy blogging scheme (the...100 days of summer?) to compensate. and i may not. consider yourselves warned. *grin*

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