Tuesday, May 11, 2010

summer school: photostitch.

 i promise i didn't plan on doing another summer school post so immediately. promise.

but i learned something kinda cool. something i'm a little geeked out about. you see, i saw this panoramic image that caroline took and it set off this little voice in the back of my head. this little voice said, you know, i think your camera might be able to do that. i think when you were so diligently reading your manual you quite ignorantly skipped over that part about shooting in "stitch assist" mode. i think that might have been a mistake, kind of like the mistake you made when you admired photos like this and this but assumed that since she has a special camera, you couldn't even come close. you might want to rethink that. 

yes, little voice, i might - especially since i have a vacation coming up, full of beautiful views. i think this lesson may just come in handy.

{please kindly ignore the fact that i took this photo in the light-less evening (=grain and blur) with absolutely no thought to composition (=boring). also please overlook the fact that i have not edited this photo except for merging the panorama, and that the view is warped in some places because the photostitch software seems to think i have a super-duper camera lens - like a 50 mm (i'll take it!) - instead of a dinky 5.8 mm one. you may, however, observe my eagerness to share my discovery. oh yes. that, you may comment on.}
. . . . . . . . . .
thus continues the theme of summer school - a record of the (more or less serious) lessons i'm learning throughout these longer days of sunshine.


  1. :) I found that feature on my camera by accident, it wasn't in my manual!

    I hope your having a great day!

  2. coooooooooooooooooool.
    see? that almost looks like your photo!
    love you. and oh yeah, how gorgeous mountain pics would be with this length!!