Monday, May 31, 2010


}it's been more than a week. even more than "a week or so." in fact, i've actually been home for more than a week now. so call me a liar. but, boy, did i enjoy my break. the past week i've been savoring my ordinary life at home, staying on top of some work and letting other things slide. i needed that.

}earlier today i caught up on posting my 365. and boy, does that make me smile. i have pictures coming out of my ears and seeing just a handful edited and displayed gives quite a sense of accomplishment. in other news, i'm glad that i can start a new picture file for june tomorrow. 1175 is a lot of pictures to wade through. i think you all have some coming your way, though. how about a wordless vacation post with pictures that didn't make my 365?

}one more thing. you know i took piano lessons for nine years before graduating from high school? since then i've played for fun - easy songs and my old (more challenging) pieces. well, this past week i decided i was ready to really play again. just one piece. something i'd have to work for. so i looked around a bit (actually i printed the first piece i semi-liked), and here it is. oh boy, are my fingers happy. happy, happy. and you know what? i like practicing. a lot. it's sending happy shivers up my spine to be back at it again simply for pure enjoyment. i think the break was necessary, though. just like my blog break. life is like that. swells and lulls. rises and falls. ins and outs. all that said, i'm glad to be back.

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  1. Hi Emily,
    So glad your fingers are happy.
    My ears are over the moon with listening....