Sunday, June 6, 2010

just a snippet before the dishwashing.

fence @capon

i see i disappeared again. do you think that's a super-power i have, or just something that happens when i get busy? because it might be the business thing - you know, "little" brothers graduating and all: parties, presents, the whole shebang...but super-powers make for a better story. i'm just saying.

so *vwhooosh* - here i am. thinking about things like summer evenings and the distinctive appearance of crisp black musical notes on copy paper and the throbbing rhythm of ceiling fans. "in the moment" things.

come to think of it, it's kind of hard for me to disappear when i'm fully immersed in each present moment of life. so i might have to go with that boring "busy" excuse, after all.

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  1. who says fairies can't live in the moment? they may be a little faster than the rest of us, but...if i was a fairy, i sure hope i would enjoy little moments. and i'm sure disappearing and appearing randomly would be soo much fun. (i mean for "real," not just blog world.) :D