Tuesday, June 8, 2010

summer school: girl + flip-flops + scraps.

flip-flop 3

i bought a pair of flip-flops a month or so ago. they were plain. for a while, i toyed with the idea of doing "something" to spruce up these plain flip-flops. "something" was rather vague. so i left them plain.

until today. today, i found this. immediately cogs in my brain that "something" had failed to set in motion began to turn. these turning cogs sent me to rummage through the bin of scrap fabric.

a little while later, things looked like this:
flip-flop 2

and then, they looked like this:
flip-flop 1

sweet success.


  1. i. love. them.
    sweetness, indeed!

  2. ....flip-flops by emily b. .... too cute! :)

    just remember your little blogging friends when you are a famous flip-flop designer!!! ;)