Thursday, June 10, 2010

seeing things.


since i started taking a picture every single day, i've looked around for a variety of scenes to capture. something - somethings - different or unexpected. spiderwebs, shadows, feet. things i have not seen or shown before.

and then there are other things i keep coming back to. like my breakfast (there are five of them), and my desk (nine or more of these, depending on how you count them; but this is my favorite). i've watched these patterns emerge with something akin to wonder. i didn't know i valued a settled morning meal so, or that the simplicity of my desk gives me pause to smile and breathe. i might not have seen these things without the pictures.

seeing leads to nurturing in many things. now i know that if my day is full, just ten more minutes of quietness for breakfast will work wonders. or if my desk feels heavy and makes me want to turn away, all i have to do is sort a few things to feel a shot of rejuvenation. both are tiny things, but they hold such power.

the power of seeing intentionally.

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