Thursday, June 24, 2010

summer school: bittersweet.

i just got an email in my box entitled "for those suffering from raspberry ridge withdrawal." i'm glad it has an official name now. i am not sure, however, that i can quite say i suffer from it. raspberry ridge is a precious gift. i soak in every minute i experience there. yes, i am sad when i leave, when it seems that such a distance separates me from the free-flowing grace that abounds in raspberry ridge and the people there. i am sad, but it is a full kind of sad that smiles at the glowing memory of what was and gathers a few hanging strands of gold to twist between fingers and draw out into these next months.

i've been learning recently (among other things) about embracing the bittersweetness of life. i'd say this is about course 302 now, with many more terms to come. but if the sweet is anything like what i've experienced so far, i'll welcome the small twangs of bitter. He works through all things for good.

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