Wednesday, December 23, 2009

hi. :)

i hadn't thought i would be here at home this morning, getting to talk to you! i thought i would be in a crowded van with my family on our way up (the even more crowded) interstate 95. i planned to tell you so last night - that i would be missing in (blog) action for a few days. but, here i am. it's the right place to be.

would you all pray for my mom? she's on her way right now to have an MRI done. we're not sure what will come after that, but God knows, and we trust Him to hold that unknown.

since we already had "our" Christmas - within our immediate family, that is, we're looking forward to a few quiet, cozy days snuggling up close together. while we wait, and rest. and, quite frankly, i think those are the best kind of days. i plan to make lots of good memories. *smile*

for right now, i'm off to a little quiet sewing. for me. (there is quite a lot to be said for having *all* the Christmas prep done early!)

any guesses?


  1. update::the MRI was clear (praise God!). we still don't know what's causing the symptoms, and rest is still in high order. :) Merry Christmas all, and thanks for praying! (keep it up ;)

  2. God is good! :) And, I will pray for your Mom. :)

    I will guess a quilt?...

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry your mother isn't feeling well! We will certainly pray for her!

    Are you making a quilt? If I remember right you used to a lot of quilting.