Saturday, December 5, 2009


As I worked in my room this evening I tried to think of how to describe my actions. I didn't clean my room (although I did dust and vacuum), nor did I organize  (although I did sort through various school papers and craft supplies and put them in their respective places) or decorate it (although I did carefully place some festooning touches).Instead, I performed strategic changes in the make-up of my room: I moved my wooden gardener's box from my bedside to my desk. The crate full of creative-works-in-progress now resides on the bottom shelf of my bookshelf instead of a corner of the floor. My most current project now makes its home in said gardener's box on my desk, along with my current book (and a few other things). I put away some things that I won't be using in the near future, and got out a few that have been in hibernation. In short, I re-situated my room so that it perfectly fits the life I am living right now, this very moment, day, and month. Even shorter (the description I eventually arrived at as the most perfect for my actions tonight), I resettled my room.

I must say, it's very cozy. Also, I may have to put the top on my Christmas candle; it has released its scent quite effectively without being burned! 

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