Sunday, December 6, 2009


The knock of a police officer on our door immediately upon our arrival home from church - apparently he was alerted by a motion sensor on our alarm system. Nothing like sunglasses and badges to liven up an afternoon. (All is well - we think a door must have moved when the heat came on.)

Passing a beeping countdown between our circled seats in the livingroom after lunch and trying to be the team to guess words the fastest. (Mom and Dad beat Michael and I. Again. It was close. Again.)

Washing dishes by hand because our new water heater has confused the delicate temperment of our dishwasher - and rendered it disfunctional. There's something about the slowness of cleaning each dish that is comforting.

And reacquainting my fingers and the piano keys with the help of glowing Christmas tree lights and friendly carol books. (I think they've missed each other - the fingers and the keys.)

No photos today. But there are still moments which are frozen in time.


  1. Scary feeling I bet about the officer, I'm glad everything was okay though.

    I think my fingers are having the same feeling about the piano keys, somehow tapping out the tunes on the counter top or steering wheel isn't the same... *laughs*

  2. oooh, you're definately going to have to try that Catch Phrase again.... the young people must hold their own!!! :) I'm rooting for you!