Monday, October 26, 2009

good for a smile.

i was reading through the archives of my journal the other day and came across some quotes from my fall freshman semester of college. these ones from my physics professor still crack me up. dr. ezell was the best physics teacher ever (not to mention the only one i've ever had ;D).

"the internet is like the world's greatest bookstore...after an earthquake."

"it would hurt to get hit by a car going 22 mph - it really hurts to get hit by a planet at 22 mph." -on gravitational force

"if you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

there was also the time, in the spring semester, when dr. ezell was asked how to spell a certain word (i don't remember which one). his reply? "[the first few letters], scribble-scribble, scribble. i love cursive handwriting."

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  1. I've never sat under Dr. E (and those quotes ARE pretty funny!) but I happen to think YOU are the best physics teacher ever. :)