Thursday, October 22, 2009

right now.

right now, i'm remembering how much i love wordle.

right now, i can hear the crickets weaving a melody outside my window.

right now, i'm studying the root systems of my bulbs. i'm loving watching them grow. learning from their patterns. the roots reach down so deeply and strongly - they grow so much before we can ever see a swollen bud or even a peek of green. those roots take hold and glean nutrients, fostering the more "beautiful" growth that is yet to come. but the roots are amazing themselves.

right now, i'm feeling my own stable roots.

right now, my breathing is slowing and my eyes are blinking, and i'm getting ready to rest for the night. with the crickets, and the slow and steady roots, and the truth. i'm ready to rest.

right now.

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