Saturday, October 3, 2009

what i do on a saturday

i see things. colors. light. beauty. His creation. i see these things even more clearly through the viewfinder of my camera, as i coax it to capture what i see. i also squeal with delight when i load these "captures" onto my computer and see the little circles of light caught in the background - that's bokeh. so cool!

i see while i wait, wait to hop in the car and drive across town to vote. because i vote. and not only do i vote, but i vote early!

i go treasure hunting. because i'm already downtown with my sister, and so we have to stop by the antique/thrift barns - even if we weren't planning on it. :) i do things spur-of-the-moment. it's one of my favorite things to do recently: anything (good) that wasn't on the books.

i find great big original oil painting on canvas. and a spectacular one, to boot. i balk at how big it is, how striking it is, and i leave it all lonely and unloved at the barn. and then i come home and look at my walls and say, "it would work!" and i convince myself that this particular painting really needs a home. it's just too beautiful and full-of-light-and-color to resist. and it's only thirty dollars. i couldn't go out and look for good, original artwork and get such a value. (and, did i mention that it's huge? see those three frames behind it? they weren't too small themselves.)

i put it on my list to go back to the thrift barn. soon.

i enjoy being with my sister. since we're already having so much fun (and since we're on a roll!), we buy lunch at the grocery store. i take my sister, and my lunch, to the (little) lake. and i sit there and enjoy the wind, the sunshine, and the conversation.

i finally christen my picnic quilt. (see the little scrap of it in the picture?)

and, i eat my sandwich too fast for it to show up in a picture. it was close to 2:00 by then. i was hungry. :)

i see the clouds at the lake. and i smile.

then, i bring home the treasure i did rescue from the shop, and i wash it out and give it a temporary job. to make sure it knows it has a home now.

that's just a bit of what i do on "a" saturday.

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  1. ooooh, COOL! love the bokeh - if you want to know what art it reminds me of, you can ask. :) oh, and what kind of yarn is in the last pic?